Karpen FlyFishing AB helps you to design your own collection of fly fishing rods, reels and lines!


Karpen offers a meticulously organized OEM process at the best factories in the world. A process which is crucial for building fly-rods, in order to obtain the highest quality. This process is available to all customers aspiring to obtain and promote their own brand of fly rods.


One of the advantages of our OEM process is to give you the opportunity to obtain the exact action you want for your rod. For those lacking the experience of designing an action, Karpen will offer their entirely expertise.


The whole purpose of this process is to enable you as a customer to develop a rod that will respond and behave according to your specific requirements. The result will be an original product, only obtainable for you.


Another advantage being that you will be able to sell your own unique product up until the last one on the shelf. You will not be susceptible to others, affecting your sales in a way more common, when promoting somebody else’s brands/trademark.


Karpen look forward to a successful collaboration with new customers in order to create their own specific product.


All business transactions are treated with strict confidentiality.