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Karpen CNC Fly Reel 5/6 & 7/8


Karpen CNC Fly Reel is mainly produced for the purpose to include as a fly reel to our fly fishing sets. We wanted to find out the magic border between cheap and good within the range of CNC machine cut reels. The purpose was to keep the total price as low as possible for good quality. for our fly fishing sets. We have analysed and tested a selection of 60 reel models and the final decision was this reel. We have focus our tests very much on characteristics as the balance of the spool in the frame, the function of the breaking system and simplicity of changing direction of the spool. First step when the reels arrive to Sweden is to modify the breaking system to improve the performance. The reel is unfortunately not salt water proof. Avoid use in salt water, but if you do so it’s very important to clean it in fresh water, dry it and grease it.

This is absolute the very best cheap reel we could find. And the reel is available in two sizes.


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